#5682: Properly parse kind operators (from promoted type operators)
    Reporter:  lunaris               |       Owner:  dreixel                  
        Type:  bug                   |      Status:  new                      
    Priority:  low                   |   Milestone:  7.6.2                    
   Component:  Compiler              |     Version:  7.3                      
    Keywords:  PolyKinds, ghc-kinds  |          Os:  Unknown/Multiple         
Architecture:  Unknown/Multiple      |     Failure:  GHC rejects valid program
  Difficulty:  Unknown               |    Testcase:                           
   Blockedby:                        |    Blocking:                           
     Related:                        |  

Comment(by dreixel):

 Replying to [comment:5 goldfire]:
 > generally {{{'}}} is not applied to kinds.

 Oh, yes, that's true. I think only `Sum0` should parse, in fact.

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