#709: "Fixup too large" error with -fasm on PowerPC
  Reporter:  simonmar             |          Owner:                            
      Type:  bug                  |         Status:  patch                     
  Priority:  low                  |      Milestone:  6.8.1                     
 Component:  Compiler (NCG)       |        Version:  7.7                       
Resolution:                       |       Keywords:                            
        Os:  Unknown/Multiple     |   Architecture:  powerpc                   
   Failure:  Building GHC failed  |     Difficulty:  Moderate (less than a day)
  Testcase:                       |      Blockedby:                            
  Blocking:                       |        Related:                            

Comment(by simonmar):

 Replying to [comment:12 PHO]:
 > Replying to [comment:11 simonmar]:
 > > It also varies based on `tablesNextToCode` and other things, but you
 only need the upper bound here.  I would add an `stgRetInfoTableMaxWords
 :: Int` somewhere, maybe `CmmInfo`.
 > That would be handy though I have no idea how to generate such a
 constant. Do you intend to hardcode it?

 No, there are some constants already available from `StgCmmLayout`, e.g.
 `stdInfoTableSizeB`.  You may need to add something to give you the size
 of a return info table though.

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