#7512: GHC crashes with multiple => in instance
Reporter:  jvictor             |          Owner:                
    Type:  bug                 |         Status:  new           
Priority:  normal              |      Component:  Compiler      
 Version:  7.6.1               |       Keywords:                
      Os:  Linux               |   Architecture:  x86_64 (amd64)
 Failure:  Compile-time crash  |      Blockedby:                
Blocking:                      |        Related:                
 GHC will crash (rather than a syntax error) if you write

 import Data.Array.Unboxed

 newtype Vector r = Vector (UArray Int r)

 instance (IArray UArray r) => (Num r) => Num (Vector r) where
   (Vector v1) + (Vector v2) = Vector $ listArray (0,0) []


 This is unfortunately the smallest program I found that crashes the
 compiler; removing the definition of (+) yields a syntax error as

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