#7517: wxcore setup has problem with spaces in path
Reporter:  zjcheah  |          Owner:                   
    Type:  bug      |         Status:  new              
Priority:  normal   |      Component:  libraries (other)
 Version:  7.4.1    |       Keywords:                   
      Os:  Windows  |   Architecture:  x86              
 Failure:  Other    |      Blockedby:                   
Blocking:           |        Related:                   
 The bug was detailed in here:

 and I provided my solution at the end of the message under the name 'ZJ'

 The problem for Windows installations is the folder 'Documents and
 Settings' or also for usernames with spaces in between such as 'John Doe'
 that will cause the setup.hs for wxcore failing to use the proper path.

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