#7528: Non terminating thunk resolution blocks world, even in the case of forkOS
Reporter:  timthelion                   |          Owner:                       
    Type:  bug                          |         Status:  new                  
Priority:  normal                       |      Component:  Runtime System       
 Version:  7.4.2                        |       Keywords:  forkOS Concurrent 
      Os:  Unknown/Multiple             |   Architecture:  Unknown/Multiple     
 Failure:  Incorrect result at runtime  |      Blockedby:                       
Blocking:                               |        Related:                       
Changes (by Yuras):

 * cc: shumovichy@… (added)
  * architecture:  x86_64 (amd64) => Unknown/Multiple


 Seems to be a duplicate of #367: you have a loop without allocations and
 the scheduler doesn't have chance to reschedule the thread.

 I can reproduce it with the HEAD with "-O0". With "-O1" it works ok for
 It works with "-O0 -fno-omit-yields" too.

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