#7548: GHC API dependency analysis is broken
  Reporter:  MikolajKonarski  |          Owner:                
      Type:  bug              |         Status:  closed        
  Priority:  highest          |      Milestone:  7.8.1         
 Component:  GHC API          |        Version:  7.4.2         
Resolution:  duplicate        |       Keywords:                
        Os:  Linux            |   Architecture:  x86_64 (amd64)
   Failure:  None/Unknown     |     Difficulty:  Unknown       
  Testcase:                   |      Blockedby:                
  Blocking:                   |        Related:                

Comment(by MikolajKonarski):

 Oh, thanks for the pointer. If if says "wrong2 OK" then it's most probably
 fixed. And if it does not compile XXX twice, it's completely OK. Too bad
 I'm stuck with 7.4.2. I'll try to cook up some workaround based on HEAD.
 Thanks again!

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