#619: Port Hugs's Windows front end to GHCi.
  Reporter:  simonmar          |          Owner:                            
      Type:  task              |         Status:  closed                    
  Priority:  normal            |      Milestone:  _|_                       
 Component:  Compiler          |        Version:  None                      
Resolution:  wontfix           |       Keywords:                            
        Os:  Unknown/Multiple  |   Architecture:  Unknown/Multiple          
   Failure:  None/Unknown      |     Difficulty:  Project (more than a week)
  Testcase:  N/A               |      Blockedby:                            
  Blocking:                    |        Related:                            
Changes (by igloo):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  None => wontfix


 I don't think WinGHCi being part of the platform really helps, as you
 still can't use the GHC extensions etc with it.

 But I do agree that this ticket isn't really serving any purpose; if
 someone wants to make a Windows frontend, then they will do so, and this
 ticket won't really help. So I'm closing it.

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