#7378: Identical alts/bad divInt# code
    Reporter:  daniel.is.fischer  |       Owner:                         
        Type:  bug                |      Status:  new                    
    Priority:  normal             |   Milestone:                         
   Component:  Compiler           |     Version:  7.6.1                  
    Keywords:                     |          Os:  Unknown/Multiple       
Architecture:  Unknown/Multiple   |     Failure:  Runtime performance bug
  Difficulty:  Unknown            |    Testcase:                         
   Blockedby:                     |    Blocking:                         
     Related:  7360               |  
Changes (by simonpj):

  * difficulty:  => Unknown


 * The nested comparison thing is covered by #2132.

  * The two identical alternatives should be combined; but they are too big
 for `cheapEqExpr` to combine.   Maybe we should be willing to compare in a
 nested way.

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