#7554: Define __SSE__ when compiling with -msse
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    Type:  feature request   |         Status:  new             
Priority:  normal            |      Component:  Compiler        
 Version:  7.6.1             |       Keywords:                  
      Os:  Unknown/Multiple  |   Architecture:  Unknown/Multiple
 Failure:  None/Unknown      |      Blockedby:                  
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 The hashable package needs to know if GHC was invoked with -msse4.1 so it
 can call out to faster C code in that case. I'd like to propose that GHC
 provides the following defines when running the preprocessor:

 ## If SSE is turned on at all:
 #define __SSE__ 1

 ## Only with -msse2 and up:
 #define __SSE2__ 1

 ## Only with -msse4.1 and up:
 #define __SSE4_1__ 1

 This behavior is consistent with GCC.

 Note that on some platforms SSE2 might be enabled by default and so should
 the defines.

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