#3333: GHCi doesn't load weak symbols
    Reporter:  heatsink               |       Owner:  hgolden     
        Type:  bug                    |      Status:  patch       
    Priority:  normal                 |   Milestone:  7.6.2       
   Component:  GHCi                   |     Version:  6.10.4      
    Keywords:  weak, dynamic loading  |          Os:  Linux       
Architecture:  x86                    |     Failure:  None/Unknown
  Difficulty:  Unknown                |    Testcase:              
   Blockedby:                         |    Blocking:              
     Related:                         |  
Changes (by akio):

  * status:  new => patch


 I implemented a support for ELF weak symbols on Linux. The implementation
 follows hgolden's design above, except that it doesn't support undefined
 weak symbols. The change is implemented in 3 patches: the first one
 simplifies the code, the second one implements the support, and the third
 one adds a special symbol !__dso_handle. This is not directly related to
 weak symbols, but is required to load C++ object files.

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