#7436: Derived Foldable and Traversable instances become extremely inefficient 
to eta-expansion
    Reporter:  shachaf           |       Owner:                         
        Type:  bug               |      Status:  patch                  
    Priority:  normal            |   Milestone:                         
   Component:  Compiler          |     Version:  7.6.1                  
    Keywords:                    |          Os:  Unknown/Multiple       
Architecture:  Unknown/Multiple  |     Failure:  Runtime performance bug
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Comment(by twanvl@…):

 commit 49ca2a37bef18aa57235ff1dbbf1cc0434979b1e
 Author: Twan van Laarhoven <twa...@gmail.com>
 Date:   Fri Nov 23 15:03:45 2012 +0100

     Changed deriving of Functor, Foldable, Traversable to fix #7436. Added
 foldMap to derived Foldable instance.

     The derived instances will no longer eta-expand the function. I.e.
 instead of
         fmap f (Foo a) = Foo (fmap (\x -> f x) a)
     we now derive
         fmap f (Foo a) = Foo (fmap f a)

     Some superflous lambdas are generated as a result. For example
         data X a = X (a,a)
         fmap f (X x) = (\y -> case y of (a,b) -> (f a, f b)) x
     The optimizer should be able to simplify this code, as it is just beta

     The derived Foldable instance now includes foldMap in addition to

  compiler/prelude/PrelNames.lhs    |    9 ++-
  compiler/typecheck/TcGenDeriv.lhs |  178
  2 files changed, 114 insertions(+), 73 deletions(-)

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