#4211: LLVM: Stack alignment on OSX
  Reporter:  dterei           |          Owner:  dterei 
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  Priority:  normal           |      Milestone:  7.6.2  
 Component:  Compiler (LLVM)  |        Version:  6.13   
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        Os:  MacOS X          |   Architecture:  x86    
   Failure:  None/Unknown     |     Difficulty:  Unknown
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Changes (by simonmar):

  * status:  infoneeded => new


 I'm slightly unhappy about the solution to this ticket.  Since
 a9ce36118f0de3aeb427792f8f2c5ae097c94d3f we now align the stack to 16+8
 bytes on x86_64, which means that virtually every foreign call now looks

         subq $8,%rsp
         movl $0,%eax
         call foo
         addq $8,%rsp

 since most calls on x86_64 pass arguments in registers, the 8 byte
 adjustment is to keep the alignment constraint after the return address is
 pushed.  (The assignment to `%eax` is to keep the ABI happy just in case
 the function we're calling is varargs, which is a separate issue).

 Now I understand the reason this was done, but I hate having to emit those
 two extra instructions around every call. I just wanted to record my
 dissatisfaction in this ticket in case it inspires someone to find a
 better solution :-)

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