#7560: Panic in conflictInstErr when branched type family instances conflict
Reporter:  goldfire            |          Owner:  goldfire        
    Type:  bug                 |         Status:  new             
Priority:  normal              |      Component:  Compiler        
 Version:  7.7                 |       Keywords:  TypeFamilies    
      Os:  Unknown/Multiple    |   Architecture:  Unknown/Multiple
 Failure:  Compile-time crash  |      Blockedby:                  
Blocking:                      |        Related:                  

Comment(by eir@…):

 commit 851e4e7619200a11cfc9bda4bee6072b0245504b
 Author: Richard Eisenberg <e...@cis.upenn.edu>
 Date:   Tue Jan 8 23:30:16 2013 -0500

     Fix Trac #7560.

     Code in conflictInstErr did not handle the case where some branches
     of a branched family instance had an error and some didn't. It was
     all or nothing. Now, if there are no conflicts for a given branch,
     conflictInstErr just ignores the branch instead of panicking.

  compiler/typecheck/FamInst.lhs |    4 ++--
  1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

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