#7537: [PATCH] Incorrect Haskell type for ino_t on MacOS X 10.5
  Reporter:  PHO                          |          Owner:                  
      Type:  bug                          |         Status:  new             
  Priority:  normal                       |      Milestone:                  
 Component:  libraries/base               |        Version:  7.7             
Resolution:                               |       Keywords:                  
        Os:  MacOS X                      |   Architecture:  Unknown/Multiple
   Failure:  Incorrect result at runtime  |     Difficulty:  Unknown         
  Testcase:                               |      Blockedby:                  
  Blocking:                               |        Related:                  
Changes (by simonmar):

  * status:  patch => new
  * difficulty:  => Unknown


 I'm suspicious of this fix. If configure is finding the wrong type for
 `st_ino`, then that looks like a bug in autoconf.  The configure script
 for base already has this:

 # Enable large file support. Do this before testing the types ino_t,
 off_t, and
 # rlim_t, because it will affect the result of that test.

 If this isn't working properly, we need to find out why and inform the
 autoconf folks if necessary.

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