#7518: Instruction list length in bco->instrs redundant
    Reporter:  nomeata           |       Owner:  simonmar        
        Type:  task              |      Status:  new             
    Priority:  normal            |   Milestone:  7.8.1           
   Component:  Runtime System    |     Version:  7.6.1           
    Keywords:                    |          Os:  Unknown/Multiple
Architecture:  Unknown/Multiple  |     Failure:  None/Unknown    
  Difficulty:  Unknown           |    Testcase:                  
   Blockedby:                    |    Blocking:                  
     Related:                    |  
Changes (by simonmar):

  * milestone:  => 7.8.1


 Ah, I see.  Yes, I think you're right, this field isn't necessary.  It is
 probably there because the size of an `StgArrWords` used to be stored in
 units of words, but it was changed to be bytes.

 I'll remove it.

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