#7564: GHC fails without an error when building text-
Reporter:  guest               |          Owner:                
    Type:  bug                 |         Status:  new           
Priority:  normal              |      Component:  Compiler      
 Version:  7.6.1               |       Keywords:                
      Os:  Linux               |   Architecture:  x86_64 (amd64)
 Failure:  Compile-time crash  |      Blockedby:                
Blocking:                      |        Related:                
 I wanted to install GHC-7.6.1 on my server system. It is a CentOS 6. I
 have downloaded the ghc binary for linux x86_64, installed via "make

 Then I wanted to install cabal-install from the hackage. I executed
 bootstrap.sh, and all went ok until it arrived at the text package. GHC
 stopped there without any error or message.

 So I downloaded text manually and executed "./Setup compile -v3". I have
 attached the resulting logs.

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