Dear GHC users and co-implementors

We are about to return from sabbatical in Oregon back to Glasgow, so
now seems a good time to let you know the current state of GHC affairs, and
something about our future plans.

Simon and Sigbjorn

                        Who's doing what

Things have been a bit slow this year, because I have been between grants,
so there have been no research assistants working on GHC. Sigbjorn has
heroically done wonders, but he's really working on his thesis, so I only
let him out to play with GHC one day a week these days.

Because I've been on sabbatical I have personally had more time to spend on
GHC, but I usually cause untold chaos when let loose to play, so you may not
have noticed a great improvement.  GHC *is* much more beautiful inside, I
promise.  It's some 10k lines shorter than GHC 0.29 in spite of growing to
accommodate Haskell 1.4.

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