I've been hitting my head against a wall for the past couple of days
trying to figure out why my shell-like pipeline code kept hanging.  I
found fd leakage (file descriptors not being closed), which disrupts EOF
detection and can lead to deadlocks.  I just couldn't find the problem.

I finally tried compiling my test with ghc instead of running it in

And poof, it worked fine the first time.

I tried asking on #haskell, and got the suggestion that ghci uses
-threaded.  I tried compiling my test program with ghc -threaded, and
again, same deadlock.  My program never calls forkIO or forkOS or any
other threading code.

You can see my test case with:

darcs get '--tag=glasgow ml' http://darcs.complete.org/hsh
ghc -fglasgow-exts --make -o test2 test2.hs

That'll run fine.  If you add -threaded, it will hang.



-- John

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