The GHC team is very pleased to announce the availability of GHC 8.10.6.
Source and binary distributions are available at the [usual

Download Page:
Blog Post:

This is a bugfix release, fixing many issues present in GHC 8.10.5, including:

- A fix for segmentation faults in GHCi on `aarch64-darwin` due to
  an incorrect foreign import in `haskeline`. See [this blog
  post]( by Ben Gamari
  for more details on how your library could be affected.

- A fix for a critical bug affecting Haskell Language Server (HLS) among other
  applications caused by missing RTS symbols required for statically linked
  builds of the GHC library (#19763).

- No longer emitting spurious warnings for LLVM versions (LLVM 9-12) that were
  actually supported (#19973, #19829, #19959).

- Numerous bug fixes for the new LLVM based `aarch64-darwin` backend (#20132).

- Fixes and stability improvements for the non-moving GC (#19715).

- Many other bug fixes for the RTS (#18033, #20132, #20093, #19421).

- Many packaging related fixes, including versioned `ghc-pkg` executables
  (#20087), and actually distributing GHC versions linked against the
  `integer-simple` big integer backend (#18967, #19953) on both Windows and 
  Linux. Previous releases were still linked against the `GMP` library due to a
  misconfiguration of the builders.

- A significant refactoring of `process` fixing numerous bugs mostly on
  Apple platforms (#19994, [process 

- A FreeBSD release after fixing issues that caused GHC 8.10.5 to be unable to 
  (#19958, #19948).

- Bug fixes for the linker on Darwin platforms (#20004, #19968, #19950).

A complete list of bug fixes and improvements can be found in the [release

As always, feel free to report any issues you encounter via

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