Hi David

I am a long time user of ghc on OSX. I have seen that problem but never on 
native OSX only when using nix (and then I added it explicitly).

Two things spring to mind:
Add it explicitly on the compile command `-liconv`
Use nix and then you can control the build environment in a totally 
controllable and reproducible manner. This is actually easier than it sounds: 
`curl https://nixos.org/nix/install | sh` and `nix-env -I ghc`. If you get the 
same error with that then we can try adding `iconv` explicitly.
 Dominic Steinitz
Twitter: @idontgetoutmuch

> I have a conundrum on which advice would be appreciate. Does
> anyone know how to successfully install ghc on OSX
> I've tried various binary instalation routes:
> macports, brew, direct binary downloads from haskel.org
> All have the same result. when I try to compile a basic hello world program
> I get
> Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
>  "_iconv", referenced from:
> I've triedgiong  through ghcup
> 8.8.4
> 8.6.5.
> 8.10.2
> 8.10.7
> 9.0.1
> all have the same problem.
> I'd be happy to build from source. Small problem: what Haskell compiler do
> I use?
> Any advice on installs that works along with any changes to paths to avoid
> the iconv problems would be appreciated as currently my Haskell-related
> activities have come to a grinding halt. Switchig to a different OS would
> be nice but its not a
> feasible option a at present.Writing a compiler is starting to look
> attractive..
> thanks
> David
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