Hello all,

Recently in the Haskell Foundation's stability working group we have been
discussing various practical issues that Haskell users and prospective adopters
encounter around the ecosystem. During these discussions the topic of GHC's
release schedule and the ecosystem's process migration to new GHC releases has
come up repeatedly.

To address some of these issues, I have opened a pair of somewhat-related HF
Tech Proposals:

 * the GHC.X.Hackage proposal ([ghc.x.hackage]) seeks to extend the
   [head.hackage] infrastructure used to test GHC to enable use by
   library maintainers in porting and testing their libraries on new GHC

 * the [tick-tock] release proposal seeks to provide better guidance to users
   needing long release lifecycles by designating every other release as a
   "long-term support" release, with 18-month backport window.

Given the wide applicability of these proposals we hope to gather feedback from
a broad swath of the community. If you have questions, opinions, or concerns on
either, please leave your feedback on the respective proposal. We look
forward to hearing from you.


 - Ben

[ghc.x.hackage]: https://github.com/haskellfoundation/tech-proposals/pull/27
[head.hackage]: https://ghc.gitlab.haskell.org/head.hackage/
[tick-tock]: https://github.com/haskellfoundation/tech-proposals/pull/34

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