Unfortunately ghc doesn't work after installing 9.4.1 on my Mac. Does it
work for others?

After the install finishes when I do the following:

$ ghc --version
bash: /usr/local/bin/ghc: Permission denied
$ sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/ghc
$ghc --version
/usr/local/bin/ghc: line 1: exec: : not found
$ cat /usr/local/bin/ghc
exec "$executablename" -B"$libdir" ${1+"$@"}
$ cat /usr/local/bin/ghc-9.4.1

exec "$executablename" -B"$libdir" ${1+"$@"}


On Sun, Aug 7, 2022 at 6:30 PM Ben Gamari <b...@well-typed.com> wrote:

> The GHC developers are very pleased to announce the availability of GHC
> 9.4.1. Binary distributions, source distributions, and documentation are
> available at downloads.haskell.org:
>     https://downloads.haskell.org/ghc/9.4.1
> This release includes:
>  - A new profiling mode, `-fprof-late`, which adds automatic cost-center
>    annotations to all top-level functions *after* Core optimisation has
>    run. This provides informative profiles while interfering
>    significantly less with GHC's aggressive optimisations, making it
>    easier to understand the performance of programs which depend upon
>    simplification..
>  - A variety of plugin improvements including the introduction of a new
>    plugin type, *defaulting plugins*, and the ability for typechecking
>    plugins to rewrite type-families.
>  - An improved constructed product result analysis, allowing unboxing of
>    nested structures, and a new boxity analysis, leading to less reboxing.
>  - Introduction of a tag-check elision optimisation, bringing
>    significant performance improvements in strict programs.
>  - Generalisation of a variety of primitive types to be levity
>    polymorphic. Consequently, the `ArrayArray#` type can at long last be
>    retired, replaced by standard `Array#`.
>  - Introduction of the `\cases` syntax from [GHC proposal 0302].
>  - A complete overhaul of GHC's Windows support. This includes a
>    migration to a fully Clang-based C toolchain, a deep refactoring of
>    the linker, and many fixes in WinIO.
>  - Support for multiple home packages, significantly improving support
>    in IDEs and other tools for multi-package projects.
>  - A refactoring of GHC's error message infrastructure, allowing GHC to
>    provide diagnostic information to downstream consumers as structured
>    data, greatly easing IDE support.
>  - Significant compile-time improvements to runtime and memory consumption.
>  - On overhaul of our packaging infrastructure, allowing full
>    traceability of release artifacts and more reliable binary
>    distributions.
>  - Reintroduction of deep subsumption (which was previously dropped with
> the
>    *simplified subsumption* change) as a language extension.
>  - ... and much more. See the [release notes] for a full accounting.
> Note that, as 9.4.1 is the first release for which the released artifacts
> will
> all be generated by our Hadrian build system, it is possible that there
> will be
> packaging issues. If you enounter trouble while using a binary
> distribution,
> please open a [ticket]. Likewise, if you are a downstream packager, do
> consider
> migrating to [Hadrian] to run your build; the Hadrian build system can be
> built
> using `cabal-install`, `stack`, or the in-tree [bootstrap script]. See the
> accompanying
> [blog post] for details on migrating packaging to Hadrian.
> We would like to thank Microsoft Azure, GitHub, IOG, the Zw3rk stake pool,
> Well-Typed, Tweag I/O, Serokell, Equinix, SimSpace, Haskell Foundation, and
> other anonymous contributors whose on-going financial and in-kind support
> has
> facilitated GHC maintenance and release management over the years. Finally,
> this release would not have been possible without the hundreds of
> open-source
> contributors whose work comprise this release.
> As always, do give this release a try and open a [ticket] if you see
> anything amiss.
> Happy testing,
> - Ben
> [GHC proposal 0302]:
> https://github.com/ghc-proposals/ghc-proposals/blob/master/proposals/0302-cases.rst
> [ticket]: https://gitlab.haskell.org/ghc/ghc/-/issues/new
> [bootstrap script]:
> https://gitlab.haskell.org/ghc/ghc/-/blob/e2520df3fffa0cf22fb19c5fb872832d11c07d35/hadrian/bootstrap/README.md
> [Hadrian]:
> https://gitlab.haskell.org/ghc/ghc/-/blob/e2520df3fffa0cf22fb19c5fb872832d11c07d35/hadrian
> [release notes]:
> https://downloads.haskell.org/~ghc/9.4.1/docs/users_guide/9.4.1-notes.html
> [blog post]:
> https://www.haskell.org/ghc/blog/20220805-make-to-hadrian.html
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