Hola a todos,
Perdon por aprovechar el medio, pero en la empresa en la que trabajo hay una 
posición para un Desarrollador en Unix, les paso los requerimientos y 
descripción de actividades abajo, si alguien esta interesado favor de enviar su 
cv a (ivette.diazbarr...@flextronics.com)



 Bachelor of Science (BS) degree
     in Computer Science or other related area.
 3 year unix server administration
     experience is mandatory.
 4 year experience as developer
     is mandatory.
 6 years of experience on a
     global information technology organization or equivalent. 
 Hardware knowledge and
     experience on capacity planning.
 Experience with servers and its
     performance administration (Expert level).
 Experience with open source
     tools as MySQL, PHP, Apache, PERL
 Able to inspire customer
     confidence through professional presence, self-confidence, and resolving
     technical issues.
 Understanding of remote
     administration via SSH, SNMP, WMI.
 A fundamental understanding of
     IT service management and the ITIL business process.(desirable)
 Interpersonal, written and
     verbal communication skills (English).
 Project Management skills.

certification(s) in a development language is desirable.
review of the current systems to detect malfunctions or improvement
opportunities, present ideas, produces detailed specifications/diagrams and
write/deliver program code.o   
and software update plans, new version transitions, fixes, patching and new
software testing in a secure and controlled environment to deliver after in
production to ensure systems efficiency and integrity.o   
ownership of the solutions offering.o   
and evaluate tools in the market to benchmark them with those that we own to be
able to provide a recommendation about changing technology or approach, or
continue with the same.o   
services quality by continuously evaluate performance of the systems.o   
long term solutions to the recurrent problems or customer requirements based on
business impact.o   
tasks related to be proactive and predictive like root cause analysis,
research, statistics, KPI’s, reports and incident/problem management. o   
and guide more junior technical resources.o   
point of contact and responsible for issues resolution and troubleshooting
referent to Performance Management solutions/servers, as well as researching
tools functionality as required for the solution.o   
the platform/solution is mature enough he/she will hand over to support levels,
this includes training, documentation, technical specs, troubleshooting
information and support guides.o   
for documenting developed processes, write and direct the writing of white
papers that add further insight and thought in the solution area.

of new solutions to attend business needs such as integrations, automation,
etc. from an architecture, scripting and project management perspective.        

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