Hi there,

It's been a long time since user documentation has been updated for the last 
time :(
Thanks to Nelly, the french part of the doc is less old than the english one; 
but is still outdated.

In order to make tings move on this subject; here is what we plan to do:
1- migrate to Sphinx/ReadTeDocs;
2- update docs in french targetting GLPI 9.2;
3- translate full french doc to english;
4- use transifex for translations.

First and second point already have begin; see 
https://github.com/glpi-project/doc/ and http://glpi-user-documentation.rtfd.io.

Right now, the "first steps" documentation (that covers installation, 
deployment and basic presentation) has been done.

If you are interested to contribute (in french only for the moment), feel free 
to open pull requests on the doc repository!
We'd love to have an up to date user documentation when we'll release GLPI 9.2, 
but it may be be impossible... Wait & see :)

Best regards,

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