Hi Srravya,

Welcome to Gluster Community !

I am Srravya. I recently came across Gluster on the list of
communities/organisations participating in Outreachy
<https://wiki.gnome.org/Outreachy/2016/DecemberMarch>. Upon going through
the list of projects Gluster has listed for the internship, I noticed that
one of them is a documentation project. As a new comer to Gluster, I
believe this would be a good way for me to get started in understanding
Gluster and make my first contributions.

Yes, it will give a good start and introduction to the  community.

I would love to interact with community members including developers and
documentation team members to know how best I can begin working on Gluster.
It would be great if I could be pointed to any documentation bugs/tasks I
could pick and also general docs on getting started and initial set up

Give a start with the workflow which Nigel mentioned.

Please feel free to open issues/PRs in github documentation project and if
need help, ping us on #gluster or #gluster-dev.

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