Hello Shyam,

Thanks a lot for such a detailed reply. I am new to this and was trying hard to 
learn and got your help in the right time. After getting your reply, I have 
experimented more and following are the findings.

I am clear with all the pre-requisites except only one. I searched for any 
-easy to understand- examples online, but couldn't find any. My clients.ioz 
file has the "hostname  directory iozone_pathname". But where to specify the 
number of threads per client ? In the recent commit, Number of threads are set 
to 4 in the script. But how to do that while running our own iozone command ?

So far, I am unable to find the cause of the following errors.

1)      extract_iozone_resuslt function returning None

2)      Line 13 in sync-drop-caches.sh " source=${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" returns Bad 

But I am able to run the iozone commands in the script on my own and get the 

1)      # IOZone seq writes [https://paste.fedoraproject.org/449217/14763288/]

2)      # IOZone seq reads [https://paste.fedoraproject.org/449218/14763289/]

3)      # IOZone rand read / write 

Since we are getting the expected results, I assume covering all the 
pre-requisites rightly except the above mentioned one.

While I run the actual gbench script, I get the following log. [ 
https://paste.fedoraproject.org/449225/63310741/ ]
As I have checked, I also have bash shell as the default shell. [ 
https://paste.fedoraproject.org/449224/30577147/ ]

I am also trying to find the cause of the errors to my knowledge and will 
report any progress soon. I have made few syntactic corrections in the code and 
also updated the readme as you said in the previous email and generated a pull 
request. Kindly review it.

Now, Please let me know what all you expect in the application other than my 
understanding and the timeline and few initial contributions.

Note: I looked into few articles to reply properly into a thread in a mailing 
list. I changed the subject as Re: Re: Sub. Still, If I am unable to place it 
rightly in the thread, I am sorry. I will look into it.

Menaka M

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