I have been able to successfully run the IOZone bench test on the Gluster 
setup. Kindly find the results here [1].

But for the smallfile distributed I/O benchmark, the test fails. Since we are 
taking 5 samples in each operation, the " --operation create " fails reporting 
that the file already exits from the second sample [1462.758118, None, None, 
None, None] . Necessary changes are to be made such that the --operation create 
happens only once and others ( --operation read and --operation ls-l ) run as 
usual. Kindly correct me, If I am wrong.

Assuming that as the reason, I have made the necessary changes to the code 
[sample _size for create operation is 1] and ran the bench test. Kindly find 
the results here [2].

I will further work on it as a single script and post the output as mentioned 
in the GitHub page. Since this is a very time consuming process, I will 
simultaneously work on the next task which is to investigate the tools to use 
and analyze the system resource usage across the setup.

[1]   https://paste.fedoraproject.org/451045/55349814/
[2]   https://paste.fedoraproject.org/451953/14765795/


Menaka M
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