Hi all,

We have a new development release of GD2.

## New changes
This release has 2 big changes to GD2.

- PR#128 switched GD2 to use gRPC for internal peer-to-peer RPCs.
- PR#136 introduced the daemon framework, which allows GD2 to actually
start bricks. But bricks don't start due to 2 pending issues.
 - Issue#150 - because rundir and logdir are missing
 - Issue#146 - because generated volfiles are incomplete and incorrect

In addition to the above changes to GD2, a new Docker image,
`kshlm/glusterd2-dev:centos-latest` with glusterfs-server 3.8.4
installed. This is used by the included `Vagrantfile` to spin up 4
nodes which can be used to test during GD2 development.

I'll be creating a docker image and a Vagrantfile with this release to
help easier testing.

Downloads and more information can be found at [1].

## Things we'll be working on
- ppai has started working on getting etcd embedded withing GD2 (PR#148)
- I will start working on fixing volgen (Issue#146), so that bricks
can actually start. This will possibly be the beginning of the new
flexible volgen.

Let us know if you have any questions/queries.


[1] https://github.com/gluster/glusterd2/releases/tag/v4.0dev-2
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