On 10/17/2016 12:02 PM, Ms ms wrote:

As a part of my initial contribution to the organization, I have done
the following:

 1. Installed gluster on 2 nodes on digitalocean
 2. Specs of the nodes: 2 GB Memory / 40 GB Disk / NYC2 - Ubuntu 16.04.1 x64
 3. Set up a volume and mounted it
 4. Set up a client machine, and ran the benchmark tests from there only.

After the setup of the nodes and the client machine, I ran the benchmark
tests from [1]. I found the following issues while creating the benchmark:

  * there were no instructions on the latest ppa for gluster, so I had
    to search on launchpad for Ubuntu
  * mount_point is a required variable which is not accepted properly
  * no instructions on setting up IOZone.
  * IOZone configuration file isn't generated properly for IOZone3.

What is the exact version? and, what were the problems with the configuration file?

  * smallfile is configured on all clients, however the check for
    smallfile is done on localhost, so even though it's installed it
    installs it everytime.
  * error handling is weak on tests
  * the mounted volume name is hard coded for smallfile

I would like to improve the benchmark script. Also, could I make a pull
request for the same?

Please submit a pull request, that helps.

On fixing the errors and after some research I was able to generate the
following results for the benchmark:

Sequential Writes 64 record size: 549,826 kBps
Sequential Reads 64 record size: 919,270 kBps
Random Writes 64 record size: 278,564 kBps Random Reads 64 record size:
81,914 KBps Smallfile Creates 64 file size: 236 files/sec Smallfile
Reads 64 file size: 627 files/sec
Smallfile ls -l 64 file size: 10693 files/sec

Could you additionally monitor some system parameters and report usage using some standard tools. As the intention of the project is to develop further instrumentation around Gluster, it would be nice to see how you think about this need.


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