On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 03:37:45AM -0500, Hari Gowtham wrote:
> Hi,
> As 3.9 has been announced, its time for the 3.6 bugs to be closed.
> I'm sending out this mail, to know if there are any concerns regarding 
> this. If yes, please do let me know. 

Yes, I'm all for it. There seem only very few 3.6 bugs still open, so
that's good. You can list them with these URLs:

  http://red.ht/2gLqDH0 (easier to click)

After using this search, you can click the "Change Several Bugs at Once"
link, and set the folowing values:

- Status: CLOSED
- Resolution: EOL
- Comment:
    This bug is getting closed because the 3.6 is marked End-Of-Life.
    There will be no further updates to this version. Please open a new
    bug against a version that still receives bugfixes if you are still
    facing this issue in a more current release.

This is basically what was done when 3.5 went EOL.

If nobody voices objections, I suggest you do this in Friday.


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