hi Shyam,
    Instead of printing numbers as msg-ids, could we print the stringification 
of macro itself as the msg-id? Reasons why I feel this is better:
    - No need to worry about msg-id range segment overlaps as we are not 
dealing with numbers anymore.
    - macro re-use in same file will cause compilation error. Different 
msg-id.h files will have different prefixes for msg-ids so there should not be 
any collisions across components.
    - We can choose to give easy-to-remember msg-ids like AFR-SPLIT-BRAIN if we 
want to. No need to lookup what msg-id means etc.

I sent a first-cut patch at: http://review.gluster.org/7398

TODO: Remove segment related macros if you guys also like the change.

This is one of the messages with and without patch above:
[2014-04-04 07:08:53.113969] I [MSGID: glusterfsd_msg_30] 
[glusterfsd.c:1914:main] 0-glusterd: Started running glusterd version 3git 
(args: glusterd --debug)
[2014-04-04 07:10:49.687053] I [MSGID: 100030] [glusterfsd.c:1914:main] 
0-glusterd: Started running glusterd version 3git (args: glusterd --debug)


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