The section on barrier is not current. The list of FOPs to quiesced is also 
incorrect. I will work with Rajesh to bring it up to date. 

To understand how barrier ties with volume snapshots, see:


----- Paul Cuzner <> wrote:
> Hi Rajesh, 
> Thanks for updating the design doc. It reads well. 
> I have a number of questions that would help my understanding; 
> Logging : The doc doesn't mention how the snapshot process is logged - 
> - will snapshot use an existing log or a new log? 
> - Will the log be specific to a volume, or will all snapshot activity be 
> logged in a single file? 
> - will the log be visible on all nodes, or just the originating node? 
> - will the highlevel snapshot action be visible when looking from the other 
> nodes either in the logs or at the cli? 
> Restore : You mention that after a restore operation, the snapshot will be 
> automatically deleted. 
> - I don't believe this is a prudent thing to do. Here's an example, I've seen 
> ALOT. Application has a programmatic error, leading to data 'corruption' - 
> devs work on the program, storage guys roll the volume back. So far so 
> good...devs provide the updated program, and away you go...BUT the issue is 
> not resolved, so you need to roll back again to the same point in time. If 
> you delete the snap automatically, you loose the restore point. Yes the admin 
> could take another snap after the restore - but why add more work into a 
> recovery process where people are already stressed out :) I'd recommend 
> leaving the snapshot if possible, and let it age out naturally. 
> Auto-delete : Is this a post phase of the snapshot create, so the 
> successfully creation of a new snapshot will trigger the pruning of old 
> versions? 
> Snapshot Naming : The doc states the name is mandatory. 
> - why not offer a default - volume_name_timestamp - instead of making the 
> caller decide on a name. Having this as a default will also make the list 
> under .snap more usable by default. 
> - providing a sensible default will make it easier for end users for self 
> service restore. More sensible defaults = more happy admins :) 
> Quorum and snaprestore : the doc mentions that when a returning brick comes 
> back, it will be snap'd before pending changes are applied. If I understand 
> the use of quorum correctly, can you comment on the following scenario; 
> - With a brick offline, we'll be tracking changes. Say after 1hr a snap is 
> invoked because quorum is met 
> - changes continue on the volume for another 15 minutes beyond the snap, when 
> the offline brick comes back online. 
> - at this point there are two point in times to bring the brick back to - the 
> brick needs the changes up to the point of the snap, then a snap of the brick 
> followed by the 'replay' of the additional changes to get back to the same 
> point in time as the other replica's in the replica set. 
> - of course, the brick could be offline for 24 or 48 hours due to a hardware 
> fault - during which time multiple snapshots could have been made 
> - it wasn't clear to me how this scenario is dealt with from the doc? 
> barrier : two things are mentioned here - a buffer size and a timeout value. 
> - from an admin's pespective, being able to specify the timeout (secs) is 
> likely to be more workable - and will allow them to align this setting with 
> any potential timeout setting within the application running against the 
> gluster volume. I don't think most admins will know or want to know how to 
> size the buffer properly. 
> Hopefully the above makes sense. 
> Cheers, 
> Paul C 
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> > Hi all,
> > I have updated the GlusterFS snapshot forge wiki.
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> > Please go through it and let me know if you have any questions or queries.
> > Best Regards,
> > Rajesh
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