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CentOS board has approved the Storage SIG [2] and we are currently working on creating the required infrastructure for it [1].

If you are not aware about the CentOS Storage SIG, please read the proposal page [1].
//Deliverable of the SIG:/

The Storage SIG seeks to make it easy to deploy CentOS as a storage node for various distributed and traditional storage solutions. This would include streamlined packaging and deployment deliverables as well as the management, updating, patching, and maintenance frameworks for those who wish to participate. We will only work with open source, re-distributable software. However some of the code we want to build and ship might not be mainline accepted as yet, and would be clearly indicated as such.

Initially this SIG will deliver packages in the CentOS repositories for easy consumption and will then move on to broader, and more impactful, deployment and integration efforts. In tandem with efforts to make storage solutions easily deployable, this SIG will also work to maintain clear user documentation to help streamline adoption.

From GlusterFS point of view, here is a list of probable software which may be useful for the GlusterFS community. /Need your feedback on which software should make in to the CentOS Storage SIG/. After getting feedback from community we will finalize the list and work on the packaging on these software.

 * GlusterFS RPMs for CentOS6.5

     * Available in http://download.gluster.org/

 * Vdsm,ovirt

 * Gluster-swift-plugin (https://launchpad.net/gluster-swift)

 * Nfs-ganesha

 * Samba4.1.3 RPMswith vfs plugin for GlusterFS
     o Available in http://download.gluster.org/

 * Libvirt (Version 1.2.3 with qemu/libvirt snapshot support for GlusterFS)

 * Qemu (Version 2.0 or equivalent which has change for Gluster
   back-ends support snapshot merge)

 * Puppet-gluster https://github.com/purpleidea/puppet-gluster

 * Gstatus https://forge.gluster.org/gstatus

 * Gluster deploy https://forge.gluster.org/gluster-deploy/gluster-deploy

 * Glubix https://github.com/htaira/glubix

If you are interested to contribute towards the storage SIG, please let us know :).

[1] http://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/Storage/Proposal
[2] http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2014-April/010126.html

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