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> hi,
>     When iozone is in progress and the number of blocking inodelks is
> greater than the threshold number of rpc requests allowed for that client
> (RPCSVC_DEFAULT_OUTSTANDING_RPC_LIMIT), subsequent requests from that
> client will not be read until all the outstanding requests are processed
> and replied to. But because no more requests are read from that client,
> unlocks on the already granted locks will never come thus the number of
> outstanding requests would never come down. This leads to a ping-timeout on
> the client. I am wondering if the proper fix for this is to not account
> INODELK/ENTRYLK/LK calls for throttling. I did make such a change in the
> codebase and tested it and it works. Please let me know if this is
> acceptable or it needs to be fixed differently.

Do you know why there were > 64 outstanding inodelk requests? What does
iozone do to result in this kind of a locking pattern?
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