so kaleb pinged me around 15h05 UTC about jenkins not responding. After
trying to slavage the VM, I did had to restart it. It was not answering
to ping, no ssh, couldn't see anything on the text console with virsh
and virt-manager. And strace on qemu did show a loop over poll,who do
not bring much clarity on the issue.

So by 15h20, I restarted jenkins, then checking all was ok, it was not.

Problem is jenkis seems to not be able to restart by itself.

We have a issue with the dns not being set when the VM start (I do push
investigation for this after the migration, cause that's network
related, so maybe a different network will work better), and usually,
jenkins need to restart after network is restarted, but not this time.

I am still searching, I will send a email when I will have found the

Michael Scherer
Sysadmin, Community Infrastructure and Platform, OSAS

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