Bug ID: 1377598
           Summary: Jenkins voting issues
           Product: GlusterFS
           Version: mainline
         Component: project-infrastructure
          Keywords: Triaged

We have Jenkins voting through two ways:

1) via a review.gluster.org_for-smoke-jobs Gerrit server and Jenkins posts the
results into the Smoke flag.
2) via Centos-regression and NetBSD-regression where the build nodes SSH in to
post the job status.

This is causing two different sets of problems
1) If you modify the patch after a regression run started, the results will be
posted to the patch against with regression was started rather than the latest
one. This is okay most of the time since new patch = new regression run anyway,
but there are cases where Jenkins is smart:
a) If you push two jobs to Jenkins (for the same patch) and neither has
started, Jenkins will only start one job.
b) If you push change the commit message, we theoretically retain votes.
Jenkins votes on the earlier patch making it pointless.

2) If you retry smoke and regression at the same, Jenkins will start them all
together and combine the reporting. If regression fails, this makes the
reporting go haywire.

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