Bug ID: 1564451
           Summary: The abandon job for patches should post info in
                    bugzilla that some patch is abandon'd.
           Product: GlusterFS
           Version: mainline
         Component: project-infrastructure
          Severity: high

# Description of problem:

Today there are many users who just report bug, and not followup much in gerrit
for the fix. When the fix is posted, the bug gets updated, and automatically
transitioned. But assuming it gets abandon'd due to inactivity or something
else, bugzilla users won't even have a clue. So, it would be good to leave a
note in bugzilla that patch is now abandon'd. So relevant people may take

# Additional info:

I am not sure if it should bother to transition back the status to ASSIGNED/NEW
in that case. Lets keep that one for later. For now, just a update in bugzilla
is good enough, saying "The patch <URL> is abandon'd due to inactivity" (not
sure we can capture abandon click from browser as a event, even in that case,
it should be noted in bugzilla.

Again, for now, not expecting github post for this. We will get to it later.

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