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--- Comment #2 from Shyamsundar <> ---
This is because the test is calling cleanup twice in its exit bash traps.

- First, the test itself sets a trap to cleanup at

- There is an additional trap set to cleanup in include.rc,

The tar ball is generated in the cleanup routine, and also ensures that
on content in the tar balls is between 2 invocations. Thus, calling
cleanup twice will result in an empty tarball.

This can be seen running the test locally as,

There are a few things in that test we need clarified,
1. why trap this:
2. Why trap cleanup, rather than invoke it at the end of the test as is

Also, in the merged patch sets 2/4/6/7/8 (of [1]) I had added a cleanup at the
end (as I traced the failure of ./tests/bugs/distribute/bug-1042725.t to
incorrect cleanup by the previous test (or timeout in cleanup)). I did
not do the same in patch set 9.

So, I will post a patch that removes the traps set by this test (so we
get logs from this test), and hence add the manual cleanup at the end of
the test. (see bug#1615037 for the same)

Finally, I do not see an infra bug in this.


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