I am trying to follow the below document for developing a translator.

      I've created a replica volume and modified the vol file to include rot-13 
translator. Below is the snippet from vol file.

volume myvol-posix
    type storage/posix
    option volume-id b492191e-77a5-4fc3-9394-49218e36dae2
    option directory /brick1/repli

volume myvol-rot13
    type encryption/rot-13
    subvolumes myvol-posix

volume myvol-trash
    type features/trash
    option trash-internal-op off
    option brick-path /brick1/repli
    option trash-dir .trashcan
    subvolumes myvol-rot13

The writes are getting intercepted by the translator and the file is getting 
encrypted. But the reads don't seem to be getting intercepted by the 
translator.  I tried setting break point in the posix_readv function and attach 
the brick daemons to gdb. But posix_readv does not seem to be getting called on 
the brick daemon and the read completes on the application side.

Can someone please explain how the reads are getting serviced here without 
hitting the posix layer.

Thanks and Regards,
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