I have a setup with 3 nodes running GlusterFS.

gluster volume create myBrick replica 3 node01:/mnt/data/myBrick
node02:/mnt/data/myBrick node03:/mnt/data/myBrick

Unfortunately node1 seemed to stop syncing with the other nodes, but this
was undetected for weeks!

When I noticed it, I did a "service glusterd restart" on node1, hoping the
three nodes would sync again.

But this did not happen. Only the CPU load went up on all three nodes + the
access time went up.

When I look into the physical storage of the bricks, node1 is very different
node01:/mnt/data/myBrick : 9GB data
node02:/mnt/data/myBrick : 12GB data
node03:/mnt/data/myBrick : 12GB data

How do I sync data from the healthy nodes Node2/Node3 back to Node1?
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