On one of my GlusterFS 3.12.7 3-way replica volume I can't stop it using the 
standard gluster volume stop command as you can see below:

$ sudo gluster volume stop myvolume
Stopping volume will make its data inaccessible. Do you want to continue? (y/n) 
volume stop: myvolume: failed: geo-replication Unable to get the status of 
active geo-replication session for the volume 'myvolume'.
 Please check the log file for more info.

In the past I had geo-replication running on that volume but because it did not 
perform well with millions of files I decided to delete it. Somehow it looks 
like it has not been totally deleted or correctly deleted else the volume stop 
command above should have worked. Nevertheless I can't find any traces of the 
geo-replication still configured as you can see below withe a geo-replication 
status command:

$ sudo gluster volume geo-replication myvolume geo.domain.tld::myvolume-geo 
status detail
No active geo-replication sessions between myvolume and 
Any ideas how I can fix that?

Best regards,
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