I'm new to this world and trying to find my way around; I could use a bit of advice on how not to bump into corners.I'm working a contract in which the client has one main office plus a remote office with inconsistent net.connectivity. There will also be some very mobile laptops, sometimes a long way off and entirely disconnected, but when in the office it would be good if the results of whatever they were doing while elsewhere would be readily (automatically) imparted to storage there.  They have interest in gluster in a probable configuration based on a set of 3 servers at the main office and 1 at the remote. Questions revolve around how to involve remote laptops (all Linux).

So far, I'm just playing with configuration, to see what's possible. At the moment, I've defined a 1x3 at the mains plus a standalone volume at the remote. geo-replication is active

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