Hi GMime folks--

i know that sometimes message decryption folds in verification as well
(e.g. OpenPGP single-pass signed+encrypted messages).  But
g_mime_multipart_encrypted_decrypt() and g_mime_part_openpgp_decrypt()
only take a GMimeDecryptFlags.  they don't take a GMimeVerifyFlags

At the moment, there are no GMimeVerifyFlags, so this isn't relevant.
but if we introduce some possible GMimeVerifyFlag, how can a user ensure
that they get these choices applied during decryption?

I'm asking in the context of a proposed "no online metadata leakage"
flag, which is relevant during both decryption and verification.

Anyway, the "obvious" formal approach is to add a GMimeVerifyFlags
argument to the two decryption functions mentioned above, but that's an
API/ABI change, so maybe something that we should put off til later.

So in the meantime, maybe we can just hope that there aren't many flags
added until the next ABI change?  or is there a better fix?


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