(Niels Möller) writes:

  > I'd suggest to get an official valgrind release (not a Debian improved
  > variant) and if that too is buggy, report it to Julian et al:
  I've now added another repro case to the bug
  I'm fairly confident that it's valgrind's handling of mul_basecase that
  is broken, do you agree?
Probably so.  But couldn't it be problems with valgrind and its handling
of mpz_set_str or functions it calls, or mpz_mul, mpn_mul, mpn_mul_n,

Perhaps it would be better to make a self-contained test case, i.e. a
test case which does not depend on GMP?  Just some directly assigned
unsigned long[] vectors and a call to an included mul_basecase, and then
printf of the (poor) result?

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