Il 2019-11-09 15:34 Andy ha scritto:
In file toom_interpolate_6pts.c is:

#ifndef mpn_divexact_by3
#if HAVE_NATIVE_mpn_pi1_bdiv_q_1 && MODLIMB_INVERSE_3

This can make some problems on some compilers.
if I have correctly guessed the intentions of this conditional, it doesn't
matter what the value is MODLIMB_INVERSE_3 but if is defined,

Currently, MODLIMB_INVERSE_3 is always defined, so we shall get rid of the && MODLIMB_INVERSE_3 condition.

I believe that also mpn_divexact_by3 is always defined with the current library. So we should probably get rid of all the #ifndef ...


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