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> Hi there,
> I am new to this list, so first how all greetings to everybody.
> I am trying to mesh two adjacent boxes with hexaedra using transfinite (.geo 
> attached) plus a few surfaces to apply different boundary conditions in my 
> solver.
> The meshing goes alright and the cells are (visually) conforming.
> However in the .msh file the physical surfaces and volumes rely on different 
> point ids which makes it impossible to retrieve proper connectivity. I tryed 
> Coherence but it did no good. Does any one has any clue how to fix this?

Your additional surfaces (e.g. surface 26) are not topologically connected to 
the volumes: the quadrangles on the surfaces will thus be completely 
independent of the hexahedra in the volumes.

With recent nightly builds you could use "Coherence Mesh;" to glue the mesh 
back together after the fact, i.e., end your script with

Mesh 3;
Coherence Mesh;
Save "mymesh.msh";

Not super elegant, but that should do the trick...

> Thanks for your help,
> Thomas
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