I am a master level mechanical engineer using gmsh 3.0.6 GUI to build
meshes for my CFD studies. I use the output of ASCII 2 as an input to
matlab mesh reader function (which is a function of redbKIT library). My
problem is when i save mesh files as .msh extension and ASCII 2 format, the
matlab function does not read it. On the other hand when i generate exactly
the same .msh file wih my linux computer it works.

The error of matlab function: Syntax error (no $Elements) in: geometry.msh

My -not working- msh file is generated in windows 10, it had the system
default language as turkish, but my linux is in english. So i thought the
problem may be related to the operating system generating/reading the files
with different arrays or binaries of characters (because of language
difference). So i changed my windows language as english but problem still

Have you ever met with that problem before? If so, what can be the solution
to it?
In theory, i have two same txt or msh files but one works the other one
does not. What is their difference you think?

Thanks in advance
Kind Regards

*Abdullah Mesut Boz*

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