Dear Gromacs users,

I am running a 50ns simulation of a protein having nearly 700 residues on
60 threads (Gromacs 4.6.3).
At one point i got a disk space problem, so i have deleted the md.trr file
and created an empty md.trr file. when i tried to restart the simulation
from check point file on 100 threads, [ mdrun -v -deffnm md -cpi md.cpt -nt
100 ]
i am getting a note and an error as fallows

Reading checkpoint file md.cpt generated:
  #PME-nodes mismatch,
    current program: 100
    checkpoint file: 60
Gromacs binary or parallel settings not identical to previous run.
Continuation is exact, but is not guaranteed to be binary identical.

Source code file: checkpoint.c, line: 1767
Fatal error:
Can't read 1048576 bytes of 'md.trr' to compute checksum. The file
has been replaced or its contents has been modified.

please help me in overcoming this problem.

Thanking you.

Arun Kumar Somavarapu
Dr. Pawan Gupta's lab
Protein Science and Engineering Dept,
Institute of Microbial Tecnology,
Sec 39-A, Chandigarh - 160036.
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