On 11/13/13 6:02 AM, hasthi wrote:
Hello GROMACS users,
                               I have phosphorylated Serine residue in my
protein (140 residues) of interest, now when I run pdb2gmx I get this
following error

Atom OXT in residue ALA 140 was not found in rtp entry ALA with 6 atoms
while sorting atoms.

I checked aminoacid.rtp, there is no separate entry for OXT there.When I
did the simulation for the same protein prior phosphorylation I did not get
this error. What is the reason for this and how should I rectify this error?

Please help me with this regard....

Presumably you have modified the force field to include the phosphorylated residue, correct? Have you followed every one of the steps shown at http://www.gromacs.org/Documentation/How-tos/Adding_a_Residue_to_a_Force_Field#Adding_a_new_residue?

If you need further help, we will need more information, which will include (at minimum):

1. Snippet of the PDB file containing the problematic residue
2. Your exact pdb2gmx command
3. The screen output of pdb2gmx (all of it, not just the error message)



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