I see in my gnewsense 4 ucclia gnome amd64 default install the
nautilus (file) search function always give a blank result

doing some investigation I found that the issue may be related to
tracker (search utility) that nautilus use and looks like this is a
upstream gnome bug since many other distro on the internet have the
same issue include debian7 user

This alternative works for me by remove tracker and droping to fallback search

1.sudo apt-get remove tracker
3.logout and login again
4.test searching any file


nautilus search works in two way:
1) if tracker is available it relies on it and returns the results
available in the index.
2) fallback to classic find when tracker is not available.
i believe you guys have 1) and index search is empty. run
/usr/bin/tracker-preferences to set what folders to index or just
remove tracker

Some reference:


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